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TCS Technical interview Questions for 2014 batch

These are list of technical question asked to different students during TCS.2013 recruitment from a particular college.There may be repeated question in the list.

1. Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor
2. Tell about linear integrated circuits
3. Different types of diodes
4. RS 232
5. Mini project -----> Role
                    i. -----> Explanations
6. Different Types of Communications
7. Different Modulations techniques
8. Pointers,Data Types
9. Tell about yourself?
10. What are your hobbies?
11. Tell About your Project?
12. What is Machine Language? Binary language and High level language.
13. Tell Me languages which you know other than „C‟
14. What is Pointer and Variable
15. Tell me about your interested subject
16. About your Miniproject
17. Something about „C‟
18. Difference between microprocessors and Microcontroller
19. Tell me about yourself
20. Differences between AM and FM
21. Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor
22. What is latest satellite launched
23. Difference between C and C++
24. What is Zigbee
25. What is electronics
26. What is the principle used in Transformer
27. Write any C Program
28. Tell about your Project
29. What other languages do u know
30. US crisis
31. Why did u get less percentage in B.Tech when compared to ssc & Intermediate
32. Why only TCS
33. Why did u choose ECE
34. Full form of VOIP
35. Tell me about Your self
36. Tell me about your parents
37. Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor
38. Difference between functions and procedures
39. Loops used in „C‟
40. Difference between While loop and for loop
41. Difference between amplifier and oscillator
42. Difference between Transistor and diode
43. Why should I take u
44. Do you think will you get into TCS
45. What are the various techniques in DC
46. Describe yourself in One Word? Explain
47. About poster and paper presentation
48. Project related questions
49. Questions on favorite subjects
50. Why do you want to join in IT inspite of being in ECE? support your answer
51. What is the reason for getting 80% in B.Tech ,90% in inter and ssc
52. What is main according to you IT or ECE
53. Hoe IT can help a farmer
54. C Program based on Strings
55. Given a problem? How you solve?What is approach
56. Why you have taken ECE inspite of having in It
57. Tell about C
58. How IT can help a comman man
59. Phase locked loop
60. Flipflop
61. About your self
62. Zener diode
63. Multivibrators
64. About area of intrest
65. Questions on miniproject
66. Tell me about yourself
67. Ex-or Truthtable
68. Nor Truth Table
69. Print 10 odd numbers in C language write logic
70. What kind of company is TCS
71. Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor
72. Define pointers
73. Define variable
74. What is EDC
75. About mini project and the components used in it
76. Truthtables of NOR and XOR gates
77. Name of Core subjects
78. Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor
79. Difference between while and do-while
80. What are control statements in C
81. What are different data types in C
82. Tell about yourself
83. Difference between C and Java
84. Explain about your miniproject
85. How can you contribute to TCS
86. Why ECE and later software
87. Justify your achievements
88. Areas of intrest (any two subjects)---- questions on them
89. How can you bring in team spirit among your co workers
90. About robotics---where do you use them in practical cases
91. Components used in ROBOTICS
92. Which part of C is mostly used while programming
93. Syntax of pointers
94. Passing parameters to functions
95. Enum concept
96. Project-difficulties faced
97. Any device you worked with
98. Tell about yourself in 30 seconds
99. Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor
100. Being an ECE student why do you want to join the IT Company
101. Basics of C
102. About the project
103. Programs on strings
104. How many types of antennas are there name them
105. Half duple and full duplex
106. Why zener diode is used in Reverse bias condition
107. Amplitude modulation and frequency modulation
108. What is C and C++? What are functions of C++
109. What is DSP?difference b/w DSP‟s and general processors
110. Polymorphism?date?memory?address?\
111. What is the feature of polymorphism?what are its different forms
112. Difference between AM and FM.Which is preferred
113. Bluetooth range
114. WIFI Range
115. Wimax range
116. Jk and D flipflop
117. Tell me about your self
118. Zigbee protocol
119. How many employees are there in TCS
120. Half,full wave and Bridge rectifier
121. Coding techniques
122. MIMO is an Acronym
123. About project, complete knowledge of project
124. Any language other than C
125. Current affairs
126. Dollar value and euro value
127. Capitals, what are the countries around india
128. General questions
129. Favourite subject, depth questions on the interested questions.
130. Truth tables of NOR,XOR,NAND,AND
131. Frequency range of Bluetooth…..
132. Loops in C:sentences or statements
133. About mini project
134. What do you know about C
135. Writ any C program
136. Differences between array and structures
137. What do you know about TCS
138. Tell me about yourself
139. Family background
140. What are your extracurricular activities
141. What will you do in TCS if you get a job
142. A car with 4 wheels and each wheel has 4 screwa if all the 4 screws of a wheel are lost how will you manage the situation
143. What could you achieve so far
144. What good have you done to college
145. What all tasks could you break in your B.Tech life

146. Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5 years
147. Why TCS
148. Capitals of countries
149. Current politics
150. Basic From C,Sorting Methods
151. About TCS
152. Y they would hire me
153. Why only TCS
154. What is special about you
155. Family background
156. Do you know any one in TCS
157. Tell me about yourself
158. Project—very important
159. Tell me about yourself
160. What is a pointer
161. What is FPGA
162. Difference between AM and FM
163. What is a modulation
164. Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor
165. Range of Bluetooth
166. Why are printf and scanf statement used
167. What is the use of studio.h
168. What is a header file
169. What is pre-emphasis and De-emphasis
170. Tell me about your academic projects

171. what is your knowledge in C
172. Define strings
173. Call by reference and callby value and syntax for above
174. Write a program to print even no‟s upto 100
175. Your favorite subject in core
176. Differences between analog and digital with wave forms
177. Why only TCS
178. Do you think you are efficient for this field?
179. How can a ece student fit into IT sector?
180. Sorting and searching techniques
181. Tell about yourself
182. Area of interest
183. Differences between analog and digital
184. Mobile communications
185. Is it possible to use mp‟s in communications
186. What is IT
187. Why IT
188. How are you adaptable
189. Tell about yourself? if you have leadership skills tell with an example
190. Tell about you family background
191. Detail about project? Scope of project? Extentions and future use of project?
192. Short term goal and long term goal
193. Who is your role and why
194. Why do you want to join in TCS and what will you do by joining in TCS
195. Area of interest? what is the circuits you are dealing in your favorite subjects
196. What is opamp?why we are using
197. What is binary language? Machine language? high level language
198. What is modulation? difference b/w Am and FM
199. What is the frequency of Bluetooth? What is the range of terrestrial frequency
200. What is FPGA and VOIP
201. Why we are calling waves as microwaves?what is the term micro refers
202. What is the frequency range of microwave
203. Why we are using C language?
204. What is the difference b/w char and variable char?write and example program
205. What is a variable?
206. What are different data types in „C‟ what is difference b/w long int and int?why we are using long char
207. What is sorting write any method of sorting
208. What are your areas of interest?
209. Why you like these subjects?
210. Why only C, you have java as a subject the why not java
211. What is pointer,variable,data,swapping program,Fibonacci series etc
212. Program for finding of negative number
213. Program to find factorial using recursive
214. Call by reference pgm for swapping of numbers
215. How transistor is used as diode
216. Tell about your project
217. Tell me about yourself?
218. Explain in brief about your miniproject?software used?applications
219. Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor
220. Program on prime no,recursion,factorial
221. Questions on C ,java
222. About TCS? Terms and conditions,do u know about bond in TCS

223. AND,OR gate ,can AND gate formed using NAND gates?How?draw it and explain
224. Differences b/w while and for loop
225. Tell me about yourself
226. What are your long term and short term goals
227. RS 232
228. Pointer
229. CMRR and why it is used
230. Range of Bluetooth,wifi,wimax
231. What id DFF
232. Types of loops used
233. Differences b/w structures and unions
234. Why modulation is done
235. Difference between function and program
236. Why TCS
237. What is terrestrial propagation
238. Explain in detail about miniproject and what is your role
239. Different subjects in ECE stream
240. How are you
241. What are your favorite subjects?
242. Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor
243. What is FM and AM? Which one is preferred and why?
244. Define FM and AM
245. What is C
246. What is C++
247. Difference b/w C and C++
248. What is a Object
249. Frequency range of Bluetooth,wifi,wimax
250. Define moore‟s Law
251. On which principle transformer works
252. Are you confident?think once
253. What are the other subjects you want to ask questions
254. Tell me about yourself
255. Tell about C
256. What is a pointer
257. What is a variable in C
258. What is memory
259. What is CPU
260. What are your favorite subjects in B.Tech
261. Tel something about microwave engineering
262. What is your short term goal in TCS
263. After going into TCS how could I come understand that you are good at your job? what should I observe in you
264. You and your friend are given same project with same time boundary, I am the judge and for me to declare you‟re as best friend what strategies will u implement
265. Frequency range of Bluetooth,wifi,wimax
266. Data types in C
267. Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor
268. Explain about your project
269. What is your role
270. Explain about your project
271. Expand EDFA
272. VOIP
273. Interested subjects
274. Any questions to ask
275. Ready to work in shifts
276. Ready to relocate yourself
277. Ready to sign the bond
278. Tell me about yourself
279. Tell me about your project
280. Are you familiar with C language
281. What is pointer and give example
282. What is function and give example
283. Tel me about area of interest
284. What are the basic components used in LICA
285. What is C
286. What is programming language
287. What is EDFA
288. Bandwidth of zigbee,Bluetooth,wimax
289. Why only tcs
290. What is CMM
291. What is diode
292. What is electronics?what is communications
293. Diode operation in farward bias and reverse bias
294. Pointer
295. User defined data type in C
296. Use of unions instead of structures
297. What is Type def
298. How do you input characters
299. Data types in C
300. Differences between c,C++,java
301. Who is the inventor of C
302. What is GUI
303. Different versions of C
304. Different types of filters
305. Tell me about yourself
306. About my ATL Project
307. About mini project
308. Truth table for XOR,OR,NOR and SR Flip flop
309. Control statements in C
310. Differences between While and DO While
311. Program to find out EVEN or ODD in the array
312. Why you prefer IT service company rather than other company
313. Difference between function and procedure
314. Tell me about ur self and your family
315. Tell me about projects and interships
316. Favorite subject,mention any three subjects
317. Explain sequential logic circuits
318. What are the programming languages know
319. Tell me about yourself
320. Family background
321. What programming languages you know
322. What is a pointer
323. What is address
324. What is a memory location
325. Diff b/w AM and FM
326. What is Lenz‟s Law
327. Tell me about yourself
328. RS 232
329. Modulation and demodulation techniques
330. Range of Bluetooth,wifi,wimax
331. Diff b/w structure and union
332. What is pointer and control statements
333. Different signaling techniques
334. What is a function
335. Difference b/w for and DO while
336. Tell me about mini project
337. Tell me any 3 areas of interest(technical subjects)
338. Tell about your paper presentation
339. Tell me about yourself and the family background
340. What is the difference b/w C & C++
341. What is java
342. Difference b/w microprocessor &microcontroller
343. What is a pointer?variable?address?
344. What is lenz‟s law
345. What is EDFA
346. What is VOIP
347. What is your favorite subject
348. What is RS 232
349. What is AM and FM(differences)
350. How many loops are there in C language
351. Difference between C and C++
352. How many employees are there in TCS
353. Tell me what do you know about TCS
354. If I give you job in TCS what will you do?after 5 years where do you see yourself
355. Do u wish to study higher studies
356. Tell me about yurself
357. Blueetooth and wifi ranges
358. Difference b/w file and structure
359. Writ any code for sorting technique
360. Why TCS
361. Tell about yourself
362. You have got good % in your branch. Do you think you are doing injustice to your branch by joining TCS
363. Tell me about your family
364. Do you prefer working in weekends? reallocating yourself
365. What are the projects and presentations you have
366. Do you think man is powerful or Robot is powerful
367. Tell me about yourself
368. Tell me about your family
369. What do you know about C
370. What is the transmission range of Bluetooth and wifi,wimax
371. What is moore‟s law
372. What are coding techniques
373. Say something about diode
374. What is the difference between while and for loop
375. What is lenz‟s law
376. How are you
377. Tell me about yourself
378. What is lenz‟s law
379. How many types of loops are there in C
380. What is the difference between while and for loop
381. What is the transmission range of Bluetooth,wifi,wimax
382. Basics of C
383. Different types of loops in C
384. Different bandwidth and frequency of Bluetooth ,wifi,wimax
385. Different loops in C
386. How does a microwave oven work
387. Most of the questions relating to project done
388. About ourselves
389. Diff between AM and FM
390. Tell me about yourself
391. Project
392. What are the subjects in the previous semester
393. What is Cauchy theorem
394. What is liebnitz‟s theorem
395. What are the methods you use to solve simultaneous linear equations
396. Give me the algorithm for gauss jordan method
397. What are your fields of intrest
398. What is the degree of freedom
399. Tell me the applications of microprocessors
400. What is a induction motor
401. Program to reverse the single linked list with 3 nodes
402. ALP to find the largest no in the given array
403. Why ECE and why TCS
404. Any question do you want to ask me
405. Difference between MP and MC
406. Questions on C language like to write a program
407. About the projects which me did,presently running
408. About ourself
409. Tell me about yourself
410. Presentation and project
411. Differences between functions and procedure
412. Differences between while and do while
413. Write a program to print odd numbers
414. What are your core subjects
415. Why ece? why IT
416. Tell about yourself
417. How you tell if u r part of TCS
418. Zener diode voltage regulation and application
419. PDC basics
420. Oppose anna hazare.on which point you will oppose
421. Some questions on drawing
422. Program on Fibonacci series
423. Mini project and their applications
424. Any extracurricular activities except academics
425. Any loving hobbies
426. Tell me about yourself
427. Tell me about your projects
428. Real time application projects
429. Questions on C like swapping two values without using a temporary values
430. Difference between while and Do while
431. Questions on logic gates
432. Why shifting from core side to IT field
433. How are You feeling
434. Tell me about yourself
435. Tell me about your family background
436. What are your top 3 core subjects
437. What is FPGA
438. What id EDFA
439. Why does an opamp has high input impedence and low output impedence
440. Explain the concept of OOPS
441. Tell me about Zigbee
442. What is the use of Hardware programming language
443. What is lenz‟s law
444. Application of your mini project
445. What is polymorphism
446. Difference between C++ and java
447. How is java platform oriented
448. Features of JAVA
449. Simple programs
450. Working of filters and opamps
451. Features of C
452. What do you know about anna hazareand US crisis
453. What is DDOA
454. What is VOIP
455. Program of reversing a string
456. Explain about mini project
457. Suppose there are four types of cars. one is stolen and brought back without bolts now how will you run the car(no stepny and we have to run using what we have only)
458. What is Electronics? what is Communications
459. What are the components in the EDC
460. Difference between microprocessor and microcontroller
461. Role in the project
462. Can a microprocessor placed in the microcontroller
463. Pin diagram if 555 timer
464. How do you adapt Calcutta
465. What are the 2-2 semester subjects
466. Founder of C
467. Tell me about yourself
468. Factorial and palindrome program
469. Malloc and calloc
470. Why IT job? why not core Job?
471. What are your hobbies
472. Full form of IEEE
473. What is android
474. What are the drawbacks in you
475. tell me about yourself
476. Tell me about your projects
477. What is your in your project
478. Program to swap two numbers without using third number
479. Why IT?
480. What is a pointer
481. Different types of searching and sorting techniques
482. Tell me about yourself
483. Tell me about your project
484. 2 puzzles a) with 4 cuts ,cut a circular cake into 12 pieces
a. b) a car has 4 tyres with each tyre 4 nuts and 8 bolts
i. now bolts of a tyre are you will run the car

485. Program to convert uppercase letter into lower case letter
486. Zener diode, voltage regulator
487. FM and AM
488. Bluetooth,wifi,wimax
489. Who is CEO,CTO,Chairman,founder of TCS
490. Tell me about yourself
491. Tell me about your project
492. What is call by reference?call by value
493. C program to compare two strings
494. About TCS and why TCS
495. Why an IT company having come from an ECE background
i. Tell me about yourself
496. Tell me about your project
497. RS 232
498. AM and FM uses
499. What is microprocessor and microcontrollers
500. Range of Bluetooth,wifi,radiowaves
501. What is a pointer,what is data type,what is a variable
502. Suggestion :don‟t try to blame the interviewer for the answer you don‟t know just say I don‟t know.dont feel tensed and be confident
503. Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor
504. What is AM and FM?which is not preferable
505. Explain your project
506. Tell me about yourself
507. What is a transmitter
508. Explain about feedback amplifier
509. Explain the block diagram of communication
510. Are you willing to work anywhere in India
511. Tell me about TCS
512. Tell me about yourself
513. Basic questions on C,JAVA
514. Difference b/w java and C
515. Program related to string insertion and string deletion
516. Mini project and applications of mini project
517. Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor
518. Difference between strcpy() and strdup() functions
519. Tell about yourself?
520. Being a ECE student are you ready to join TCS
521. How IT is useful for farmers
522. Program for printing “apple for A” while the input string is “ A for Apple”\
523. What is the difference between ‟=‟ & „==‟ operators
524. What is the different control statements in C
525. What is difference between while and Do while loops
526. What is the minimum no of executions in while and for loops
527. Tell me about interships.where it is used
528. what is a pointer
529. What do you know about C
530. How many types of loops are there and what are the differences
531. What is structure
532. Range and frequency of Bluetooth,wifi,wimax
533. Tell about yourself
534. They mainly focus on C
535. Program on prime nos
536. Mini project
537. Java basics
538. About TCS
539. Explain Diode and its characteristics,uses
540. Explain swith working
541. About mini project
542. Antenna working
543. About radio waves
544. Amplifier types
545. Diode types
546. Tell about yourself?
547. Lenz‟s law,RS 232why zener diode is used
548. What are your favorite subjects
549. About mini project
550. About C
551. Function,task,statement,what is C compiler
552. Tell me the function of Oscillator
553. What is Lenz‟s law?
554. Differences b/w AM and FM
555. What is a program
556. What is a data type
557. Explain LICA
558. Explain core subjects
559. 555 Timer operation
560. Explain about your project
561. Why TCS?
562. Where you want to see yourself after 5 years
563. What is your long-term goal
564. What is today‟s date
565. What is voltage regulator(723 IC)
566. Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor
567. Difference between analog and digital communications
568. What are C Tokens
569. Difference between C program and data structure
570. Hobbies
571. Family background
572. What is a data type
573. What are multivibrators
574. Paper presentations and poster presentations
575. Internships
576. about your project
577. CEO of Wipro
578. Head quarters-WIPRO
579. Dollar value
580. Which type of modulation is most widely used? AM or FM?Why?
581. In Television which modulation is used?
582. Wifi range
583. Bluetooth range
584. Passion about programming
585. What do you want to do learning a programming language
586. Why TCS
587. Interested areas
588. Most of the questions are from communications
589. Tell me about Yourself
590. What is the range of Bluetooth,wifi
591. What is zigbee
592. Difference between AM and FM
593. Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor
594. What is C. Difference between C and JAVA.What is Matlab?
595. Full form of MIMI and CMI
596. Define moore‟s law and lenz‟s law

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