Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Wipro Placement Pattern:2013 batch

Eligibility: Criteria: 60% through out
Package: 3.3 lpa

Round 1(aptitude):
Separate pattern for (IT ,CSE) and other departments. Other departments don't have technology domain module.
This is the rough layout of the aptitude :
English Comprehension(18 ques)
 Synonyms/Antonyms/Word Meaning (Vocabulary)
 Complete the Sentence (Grammar)
 Spot error/Correct sentence (Grammar/sentence construction)
  Sentence Ordering (Comprehension skills)
  Questions based on passage (Comprehension skills)
Quantitative Ability(16 ques)
 HCF and LCM, Divisibility
 Numbers, Decimal Fractions
  Permutations and Combinations, Probability
   Word Problem: Profit, Interest, Inverse
Reasoning and Logical Ability(16 ques)
    Analogy Pattern Recognition
   Classification Pattern Recognition
   Coding Pattern Recognition
  Number Series Pattern Recognition
  Direction sense, Blood relations, CDL
  Puzzles, Logical word sequence
   Selection decision table
    Data sufficiency
   Objective reasoning
 Module 2: Technology Domain Skills (25 ques) ( THIS MODULE IS NOT FOR NON CSE GUYS)
Computer Programming Principle
 Basic Programming: Iteration, recursion, decision-making Compilation   execution, errors, Data types, Complexity
 Data structures: Graph, Hash, Heap, Linked list OOP
  Procedures, functions, Scope
 Search & sorting, Queue, Sorting, Stacks, Trees
 Second round: ( Non elimination Round)
This was an essay writing round they asked us to write an essay of 100 words. The topic given to me was “ Problems faced by Today’s generation”
Third round(Tech Round):
There was only one technical round.
That guy asked me about my papers,projects
I mentioned Datastructures and algo as my area of interest. He asked me to write two simple programs.
Some questions like..
1.       Which is the most toughest datastructure according to you?
2.       Tell me one applications of stack and write code and explain ( I told towers of Hanoi,recursion balancing symbols,postfix evaluation,prefix to postfix conversion etc)
3.       Explain tree traversal techniques and write a code for preorder traversal
4.       What is polymorphism and explain its types
They are seeing your confidence level more than your subject knowledge.
If you perform well in this round then there is no HR round(mainly for people with bad communication skillz)..otherwise HR round will be there..ques like tell me about urself,why wipro? Etc…. there is a sectional cut-off i think it was 12 or something per section for cse student not sure for non-cse dept. The verbal section is somewhat easier than the other sections...


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